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Daily Day 4! From 123 on!

2007-08-14 02:53:07 by AniGen2

In exactly 77 days, we'll be experiencing a funky psychotic sort of turbulence known as daily day 4!

Daily Day is a wonderful time of year.

What we do, is we each submit a movie. It can be your own original production, or it can be a D4ilytoon: SE, which is a collection of movies you make or have made through the dailytoon season.

Haven't made any dailytoons? No fear. Start making some now. Dailytoons are submitted once a day. Although a dailytoon was once deleted, no dailytoon has ever been blammed off the portal, so you can be sure your flash is in good hands. The hands of the Star Syndicate, that is.

So there you have it folks. Start making em. Dailytoons can be ANYTHING, good or bad, so just, keep em going.

My personal choice for daily day 4 is to make my own flash, and maybe a few collections. It should be lovely.

Good luck with the d4ilytooning! Remember, all you need is any version of ADOBE FLASH, and you're good to go. Don't have adobe flash? Well no problem either, just draw a little something in mspaint, photoshop, or scan something and send some music tracks. Those get excepted just as cozily!

Send your .fla files that flash produces to

Remember, don't try to type Copy paste the address into your contacts list, or if you're only doing one, just into your receiver bar, to make sure your flash gets to the address so that it may be used sometime in a d4ilytoon!

The main D4ilytoons information page is here at The Star Syndicate's NG Page, but the main forums are here at this link. Make sure to bookmark that page so you can keep up with our new themes.

Thanks for reading,



2007-08-08 03:25:52 by AniGen2

^ the real deal.